Current Cover Review
We analyse existing policies with regards to clauses and exemptions, identifying key determinants of the cover including but not limited to the following:

  • Excessbusiness meeting 150x150 Services
  • Cover Limits
  • Territory & Jurisdiction
  • Limit Erosion
  • Serability
  • Exclusions

Business Review & Risk Analysis
We carry out a comprehensive review of the business, its environment and risks it faces. This analysis includes the following:Checklist 150x150 Services

  • Corporate Structure
  • Group v Subsidiary v Associate
  • Business activity regulatory environment
  • Claim exposure
  • Public v Corporate
  • Company Activity
  • Restricted activities
  • Activity & Asset Jurisdiction
  • Customer Jurisdiction
  • Sector Claims Profile
  • Retirement profiling of existing Directors and Officers

Market Review & Underwriter Selection
Having reviewed the specific business requirements and risk profile we identify the underwriter best suited to provide the appropriate cover.  The factors considered with regards to the underwriter include the following:

  • Risk class matching
  • Asset & sector matching
  • Excess clause suitability
  • Territorial and Jurisdiction clauses and regional expertise
  • Annual premium requirements
  • Service history
  • Claims execution history
  • Custom clause flexibility

Having put the appropriate cover in place we provide the most important aspect of all D&O business meeting 150x150 Servicescover, the ongoing service.  This service includes the provision of regular business review and restructuring of cover where the underlying activities or risk associated with the business changes.  We also advise on whether new activities require amendments or additions to the policy in advance of these activities being instigated thus ensuring cover from the initial activity point and avoiding non-disclosure risk.

In the event of a claim we provide a complete service, from the review of the initial claim and Liasing directly with the underwriter to ongoing management of any and all claims under the policy.

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