Professional Indemnity Insurance or Directors and Officers Insurance

Do I need D&O if the company has PI insurance?
Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI) covers a company for costs and damages in respect of claims made against them for breach of professional conduct. D&O provides cover for the Directors in respect of breaches of Boardroom responsibilities. PI does not
cover this and offers little or no protection to them if they are sued either individually or as a group for these breaches.

Professional Indemnity Cover
In the case of claims against a company itself Cover4Directors can provide protection in the form of Professional Indemnity Cover, policies are tailored to the particular industry sector and business size.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance.
Increasingly Directors and Officers are being sued individually and are responsible for their own defense costs and are personally liable if the claim is successful, to protect against these instances we provide Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, each policy is particular to the industry sector, turnover and individuals position.