Cover4Directors.com is headquartered in Ballsbridge Dublin 4, the traditional business Dublin2 150x150 Locationcentre of Dublin.  We are close to AIB International Bank Centre, the American Embassy, RDS and the Four Seasons Hotel and only a short walk from the centre of the city.

We believe the location of Cover4Directors.com in Ireland provides distinct logistical advantages to our clients who are based both domestically and internationally, we straddle US, European and Asian time zones and are able to do business within normal working hours in these regions.

The fact that Ireland is the only English speaking jurisdiction in the euro zone has led to a large number of international financial and legal service providers locating here, with over half of the world’s top financial companies operating in Ireland. The concentration of these firms has resulted local access to international expertise and services.

BigBen 300x200 LocationThe availability of key legal, tax, administrative and professional services in Dublin contributes to the superior quality and efficiency of the ILM package. While we are headquartered in Dublin. ILM is passported int the UK by the UK Financial Services Authority and provide services to Company Directors and Officers also.

  • Name:Cover 4 Directors.com
  • Address:18 Merrion Road
    Dublin 4
  • Telephone:+353 1 44 33 099
  • Email: info@cover4directors.com



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