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Cover4Directors is a division of the specialist corporate insurer “Insurance and Liability Management” which was established  in 2003 and was set up in response to the increasing level of litigation being taken against the directors and officers of companies, regardless of the fact as to whether they were involved in the complained of activities.

kenneth o reilly hyland About UsCover4Directors is headed up by Kenneth O’Reilly-Hyland, Kenneth has extensive experience in the Irish and UK insurance markets and has been a member of Lloyd’s for over 30 years .  The team at Cover4Directors have detailed and specialised  knowledge of the risks facing different business sectors, ranging from financial services and aircraft leasing to the food sector and construction.  Each industry shares common risks but equally has exposures particular to itself which have to be detailed in the cover taken, D&O is one type of insurance where a “one size fits all” approach does not work.

The firm has found that many executives who believed they were in covered  personally have realised to their cost that they were denied protection through exemption clauses or incomplete declarations or that the level of cover provided was totally inadequate for the business they were in and the exposures they faced.

 Cover4Directors provides and complete “beginning to end” service from assessing theiStock 000008111943XSmall 300x199 About Us risks facing an individual or company and  providing the appropriate cover right up to working with the client in the event of an action against them and a claim under the policy. 

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